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v  First, we ask a couple of favors out of respect for our neighbors.


1.       Clean up your trash before you leave the sand.

2.       Leave the bickering at the office, and give the spectators something fun to watch.

3.    Do NOT walk through the dunes;  PLEASE use the stairs!


v  You must have 4 people on your roster and may have up to 7 players on your roster. (For playoffs, a player must have played on your team for 3 matches.  Be sure to sign in your team each week on the clipboard or virtual score sheet.)

    For Monday night doubles:  You may have 3 people on your roster.  

v Players may only be listed on one team roster.


v  You  play with 4 players on the court on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the players must be female.  (There is no coed contact rule.)  If on a given week you are unable to field 4 players, you may play with 2 or 3 players and not forfeit.  This should happen no more than 3 times in a season.  Also, if you do not have a female player on the court, the other team is awarded 10 points AND you play with two or three males (not four).  Again, not having a female should happen no more than 3 times in a season.


v  Games will start promptly at 6:30. (First game is forfeited at 6:45. Every 10 minutes after that, another game is forfeited if your team is not present.)


v  Play 5 games, rally scoring to 21 points, (25 point cap).  Switch sides every 7 points.

v We do not provide volleyballs for the matches.  Captains are expected to bring an OUTDOOR ball for play. The preferred ball for play is the Wilson OPTX (AVP official game ball)



v  To determine side and serve use a coin toss, hidden rock, odd/even, etc.  Alternate choice of side or serve for the first 4 games. Then redo the coin toss/hidden rock for game 5.


v  Abide by the SPIRIT OF FAIR PLAY!  Honor calls are encouraged.  If there is a disagreement, respect the call or replay the point.


v  Players are NOT required to rotate positions on the court. However, you must follow a set service order.


v  If serving underhand, the ball must be visibly released. (i.e. no teeing up!)


v  No screening! If a player from your team is serving the ball you may NOT prevent anyone from the opposing team from seeing the server or the path of the ball. So, down in front!  And if the opposing team calls a screen, move a little.


v  A ball must be hit, not caught or thrown. No doubles, lifts, or holds. (The only exception is for a hard-driven ball - see below.)


v  You may NOT hold, lift, or double contact a serve receive. If you receive a serve overhead, your hands must be overlapped or visibly together at the time of contact on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  On Monday night doubles, you can receive serve with hands apart, however, cannot be controlled with fingertips unless it is clean.


v  During a rally, a ball directed into the opponent's court may not be received open-handed unless it is a hard-driven ball.  In defense of a hard-driven ball, the ball may make double contact as long as the contacts occur as part of one motion.  At no time can the ball be lifted. (A hard-driven ball is a ball hit with one hand, above the plane of the net, in a forceful, downward motion.)


v  A hand set at the AA/A level must be VERY clean. If a set goes over the net, its trajectory must be square with the setter's shoulders (unless the wind blows it over the net).  If your hands are not clean, honor the spirit of fair play and call it.  If the opposing team questions your hands respect the call or play the point over. Bump setting is highly encouraged!


v  No open-handed tipping or dinking of the ball. Use your knuckles, fist, or "cobra".


v  A block does NOT count as one of the 3 contacts permitted by a team.


v  You may NOT block a serve.

v You may NOT make contact with any part of the net including the cable supports (hair is permitted).


v  A blocker may touch the ball beyond the net provided that he/she does not interfere with any part of the other team's play on the ball.


v  A player is permitted to pass his/her hand beyond the net after an attack-hit, provided that the contact with the ball was made on his/her side of the net.


v  There are no antennas, therefore any part of the net is considered "in" and the posts are "out". (i.e. there are no imaginary antennas)


v  If a ball (or anything else) rolls onto or very close to the court during play, stop play immediately and redo the point.  SAFETY!


v  Time outs--2 per set, 30 seconds each

AA level: Tight calling of ball handling is to be expected.

A/BB level: Relax a little on "hands". Lifts and carries are a no-no.

Rec/B level: Blatant ball handling violations will be called. Keep it fun.

Other than all of this, beach rules apply.

We are a very relaxed and comfortable league, so have fun, and join us for a drink and some grub after the match. We are still searching for the "perfect" after match bar...some people go to Jack's, some try Max's for a hot dog, and others go to.......



v  Remember to record the scores for each game on your clipboard or using the link--whichever your night is using.


The nets will be left up all season as long as we can prevent vandalism. Perhaps the lines as well. This format gives each team a potential of 2 hours of playing and unlimited warmup time! Sweet!

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