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Mondays - (Contact Bob at for any questions)

Mondays A - Advanced 2022

1. WTF - Bob Chen
2. It’s All Good - Todd Echandy
3. Old Skool - Dominik Huzar
4. Wawa Food - Sam Rodriguez
5. Carolina Snacks - Malina Ferrandino
6. TEAM - Jordan Reyes
7. 6Pack - Audrey Sousa
8. TEAM - Scott Fuschetti

NEW! 2022- Coed Doubles (Contact Mascha at for questions or to sign up a team.)

1. Kiss My Ace - Mascha Puck
2. Swinging Pineapples - Aaron Castillo
3. Sandballers - Bano Cunha
4. Power Peteka - Weverton Marinho
5. Sw'ellen Eddie - Eddie Jaffe
6. Jackson 2 - Jessellyn Jackson
7. ANDBAR - Andres Catalan
8. Pincers Up - Yana Malyshka

Tuesdays B - Recreational and Intermediate 2022
(Contact Shawn at for any questions)

1. Prestige Worldwide (AJ Siegel)

2. Tacos N Tequila (Bill Strobel)

3. OHANA (Shawn O’Neill)

4. Sugar and Spike (Madison Frantz)

5. Four Play (Mark Trezza)

6. Pet That Turtle (Matthew Viola)

7. Please Dink Responsibly (Rob Andreasi)

8. Titan Wreckers (Linda O'Connell)

9. Seaverge (Michael Patrick)

10. Serving Up Shenanigans (Dawn)

11. Sea You Next Tuesday (Bernard McKenna)

12. Sloppy Sets (Nick Fulop)

13. Endometrial Spikes (JR Seitz)

14. You’ve Been Served (Katie Ochs)

15. Life’s a Beach (Steve Miller)

16. Never Late (Jairo Esteban)

17. pHish On Acid (Chris Chambers)

18. SETS ON THE BEACH (Arturo Rivero)

19. Viva La Volley (Alex Friedman)

20. The Kelly’s (Jamie Kelly)

21. Wicked Waves (Dom Perez)

22. Miley Cyrus (Brandon Schoonover)

23. Sandy Kangaroos (Kelly Doren)

24. College Dropouts (Blaise Barnes)

25. Beach Bums (Heather Gorzelnik)

26. Chewblockas (Parm Lall)

27. Golden Bears (Kristen Taft)

28. Hot Mess Express (Charlie Kelly)

29. Notorious D.I.G. (Lillian Chang)

30. 2 Legit 2 Quit (Maurico Rosas)

31. Free Agents (Mike Dean)

32. Taco Tuesday (Nemeil Navarro)

Wednesday BB - Intermediate 2022
(Contact Carol at for any questions .) 

1.  We Always Get It Up  (Frank Calabria)
2.  Sun n Beaches (Ritthy Lam)
3.  Team Roundhouse (Doug Lynch)
4.  Serv-ivors (Anne Breton)
5.  Eddie and the Cruisers (Edward Jaffe)
6.  Bleeding Knees (Phil Lombardo)
7.  Summer Breeze (Jen Drach) (formerly Fast Lane)
8.  It's All Good (Todd Echandy)
9.  Whatever (Vin Minkler)
10. Casablockya (Bob Schweitzer)
11. Shut Up and Serve (David Kenney)
12.  Butterfingers (David Destephen)
13. I Got Handz On It (Jordan Gilruth)
14.  Extra Dirty (John Hayes)
15.  Bump Day Bumpers (James Vislocky)
16.  Pass and Hitties (Nick Fulop)
17.  G.old Diggers (Mike McCarthy)
18.  I'd Hit That! (Sam Savage)
19.  Four Play (Mark Trezza)
20.  Setting Ducks (Tom Genthe)
21.  Power Peteka (Weverton Marinho)
22.  The McGregor 's (Jules Bulkley)
23.  Beach Slap (Andres Catalan)
24. Sets on a Beach (Mary Prugno)
25.  You've Been Served (Michael Prashad)
26.  Huge Dinks (Mascha Puck)
27.  Practice Safe Sets (Alex Hildebrand)
28.  Long Branch (Nemeil Navarro)


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