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Monday A - Advanced
(Contact Bob at for any questions )

1 WTF (Bob Chen)
2 Mental Block (Mike Corbett)
3 It's All Good (Todd Echandy)
4 Old Skool (Paul Banco)
5 Power Peteka (Weverton Marinho)
6 Diggin' The Tanlines (Aaron Rogers)
7 Colt Nation (Ryan Ottignon)
8 Beach Life (Mike DelVecchio)

Tuesdays B - Recreational and Intermediate
(Contact Shawn at for any questions )


1.  Four Play (Mark Trezza)
2.  The Locals (Rob Hurd)
3.  OHANA (Shawn O'Neill)
4.  Titan Wreckers (Linda O'Connell)
5.  Rainbow Rollers (formerlyTommy's Misfits --Alexander Bala)
6.  Sugar and Spike (Brianna Yuhas)
7.  Fish on Acid (Chris Chambers)
8.  Warriors (Anthony Natale)
9.  The Rotten Apples (Rob Andreasi)
10.  Bump Set Foo Fete (Smara)
11.  Seaverge (Michael Patrick)
12.  Sandy Bottoms (Alyssa Erb)
13.  Life's a Beach (Steve Miller)
14.  Two River Hitters (Chris Belmonte)
15.  Tacos N' Tequila (Bill Strobel)
16.  Pet That Turtle! (Nick Ela)
17.  Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Robin Wallace)
18.  Whatever I'm Getting Cheese Fries (Mario De La Torre)
19.  Block Lesnar (Jordan Gilruth)
20.  The Empire Spikes Back (Quinn English)
21.  Stingers (Eric Brock)
22.  Twinning Spike (Chris Grieco)
23.  The Block Party (Green Wave 1) (Nemeil Navarro)
24.  Wicked Waves (Green Wave 2) (Nemeil Navarro)
25.  Lay the Spike Down (Carolina Rivero)
26.  Short Stacks (Ryan Keeley)

Wednesday BB - Intermediate
(Contact Carol at for any questions .)  

1.  Safe Sets (Mark Trezza)--DROPPED OUT
1.  Porto Power (Anne Breton)
2.  Extra Dirty (Stephanie Webster) 
3.  Spiking Sharks (Yana Vovchik)
4.  Shut Up and Serve (Dave Kenney)
5.  Roman Hands (Diane Nawrocki)
6.  No Pressure (Michelle Sessock)
7.  Casablockya --(formerly Notorious D.I.G. --Zach Molland)
8.  Whatever (Vin Minkler)
9.  Eddie and the Cruisers (Ed Jaffe)
10.  We Always Get It Up (formerly The Artists formerly known as Balls Deep --Frank Calabria)
11.  It's All Good (Todd Echandy)
12.  G'old Diggers (Bill Backus)
13.  Stingers (Eric Brock)  MOVED TO TUESDAY NIGHT
13.  Fast Lane (Bill Miller)
14.  Bleeding Knees (Phil Lombardo)
15.  Taco Bell ( formerly Ocean's Four --Jose Rafael)
16.  Warriors (Anthony Natale)
17.  Sun and Beaches (Ritthy Lam)
18.  Setting Ducks (Tom Genthe)
19.  Mario De La Torre team --MOVED TO TUESDAY NIGHT
19.  North End (Shannon Baillie)
20. Power Peteka (Weverton Marinho)
21.  La Familia (Christian Caez)
22.  One Hit Wonders (Kelly Brinton)
23.  Pura Vida (Mary Jane Manners)
24.  Beach Volleyball Team (formerly Kiss My Ace--AJ Siegel)
25.  Never Late (Jairo Esteban) 
26.  Hit It Like You Mean It (Rich Bendziewicz)
27.  Bump and Grind (Jon Suska)
28.  Lay the Spike Down (Carolina Rivero)MOVED TO TUESDAY NIGHT
28.  Team Clam (Walter Pereira)






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