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Courts are subject to change. Check for updates before your matches on Tuesday night.

If you are in a Round Robin you can't fill out the virtual score sheet. Instead, you will be texting me the scores.

Long Branch Volleyball - Tuesday Playoff Schedule, August 30, 2022

Finals - Best of 5 - Games Start at 5:45pm

Court 1 - Bronze Bracket 23rd Place Game

22 Viva La Volley vs. 24 Serving Up Shenanigans


Court 2 - Bronze Bracket 21st Place Game

20 SETS ON THE BEACH vs. 23 Titan Wreckers


Court 3 - Bronze Bracket 19th Place Game

17 Tacos N Tequila vs. 18 College Dropouts


Court 4 - Bronze Bracket Championship Game

19 Sandy Kangaroos vs. 21 Golden Bears


Bird’s Nesting


Court 5 - Gold Bracket 7th Place Game

3 Life’s a Beach vs. 4 Pet That Turtle!


Court 6 - Gold Bracket 3rd Place Game

2 Miley Cyrus vs. 5 Sugar and Spike


Court 7 - Gold Bracket Championship Game

1 Four Play vs. 6 Wicked Waves


Court 8 - Gold Bracket 5th Place Game

7 OHANA vs. 8 Hot Mess Express


North Bath Avenue

Court 9 - Silver Bracket Championship Game

10 Chewblockas vs. 16 Beach Bums


Court 10 - Silver Bracket 11th Place Game

13 Sloppy Sets vs. 14 Never Late


Court 11 - Silver Bracket 13th Place Game

9 Prestige Worldwide vs. 11 Please Dink Responsibly


Court 12 - Silver Bracket 15th Place Game

12 Sea You Next Tuesday vs. 15 2 Legit 2 Quit


Court 13 - FUN Bracket Championship Game

25 You’ve Been Served vs. 26 Taco Tuesday


Court 14 - FUN Bracket 27th Place Game

27 Notorious D.I.G. vs. 28 Free Agents


Court 15 - FUN Bracket 29th Place Game

30 Seaverge vs. 31 pHish On Acid


South Bath Avenue


This is the final week of play.

Thank you for a great season!

We look forward to seeing you all next spring!






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